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"To love is to obey"
- 1 John 5:1-2

Overseas Christian Fellowship,
   o v e r s e a s    c h r i s t i a n    f e l l o w s h i p    c a u l f i e l d    a u s t r a l i a

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this page, we attempt to answer many questions asked by people we meet, especially those new to OCF. If you have a question about OCF, feel free to check here first to see if there is an answer to the question. You are always welcome to ask the OCF committee or a cell leader for further clarifications, of course.

What is OCF all about?
OCF stands for Overseas Christian Fellowship. We are a huge group of international students studying in universities all over Australia.

How do I join OCF?
Simply contact a Committee Member or Cell Leader. We will be more than happy to brief you on how you can be a part of OCF!

Where are cell group meetings held?
Cell groups are normally held in homes, but once a month we meet up at T Block in the Monash Caulfield Campus for a combined celebration. Cell group meetings at home are normally held around the Caulfield and East Malvern areas. For more detailed information on where to go for a cell, check out the Cells page.

What do you do in cell group meetings?
We normally start cell group meetings with dinner!

How is OCF different from the other Christian groups in uni, such as CCM, FOCUS, etc?
Answer here.

What church do you attend?
OCF is a campus-based ministry, and therefore OCF members attend and serve at different churches. Most of us attend Clayton Church of Christ, Richmond AOG, Carnegie Church of Christ and Oakleigh Church of Christ (?).

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